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January - February 2015

George Mason Republican Women


Geraldine Davie:  703-464-8104

[email protected]

First Vice President

Patricia Marell:  703-250-5320

Second Vice President

Caroline Herrick: 703-6256-2414

Recording Secretary

Mikki Terry: 703-978-0205


Bobbi Green: 703-328-7260


Violeta Warner: 703 282-9779

Standing Committee Chairs

By-laws and Finance
Mary Pawlow

Campaign Activities
Gerarda Culipher

Carol Frey
Mary Williams

National/State Legislation
Mary Bell

Public Relations,Volunteer Hours,Outreach
Carolyn Dietrich

Special Committee Chairs

Americanism/Caring for America:
Lynn Blankenship

Bobbi Green

Rosemary Espinosa

Social Media:
Violeta Warner
Mary Bell
Ramona Weaver

Tech-Current Issues:
Edna Eckel

Carol Ford

Literacy - B. Bush and M. Eisenhower projects:
Geraldine Davie

Patricia Martell

Jane Woods

Thank you Mikki Terry

Thank you Mikki Terry for serving as Co-Pres. Of GMRW. It was an honor for me to work with her last year. Her dedication to GMRW was inspiring and she was, and is, a model for all who volunteer to serve as Republican women.


We were all saddened by the sudden death of Jim Terry, husband of Mikki Terry, on December 12, 2015. Jim was an associate member of GMRW and a staunch supporter of our club. He is fondly remembered as having a superior intellect as well as being an intense life force. Mikki recently described Jim as…”a warrior and a patriot, a scholar and a teacher, a husband and a father, and my very best friend.” What more is there to say…he will be missed by many.

Calendars for Veterans

Late last year Mikki and Jim Terry asked us to collect and save all the 2015 calendars we received in the mail. Well, we did as asked and GMRW members produced bags full of calendars. Mikki Terry brought these calendars to the veterans residing in veterans' homes and we understand they were most happily received. Mikki Terry has provided us with another way of saying thank you to our veterans.  This will be an annual project for GMRW members.

Mikki Terry

Bring to the February meeting or mail to
Bobbi Green
P.O. Box 152
Occoquan, VA 22125

Membership  $35
Associates   $15

We need active members in order to qualify for the maximum number of delegates to the VFRW Convention

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Linda Bartlett,President VFRW,
Bobbi Green Treasurer,Caroline Herrick,Treasurer,Patricia Martell, First Vice President,Geraldine Davie,GMRW President. 

Message from our President

Dear Members of the George Mason Republican Women’s Club,

As we begin this exciting New Year your Executive Board is hard at work planning a stimulating agenda for each meeting. We will continue to meet on the third Wednesday of each month so please mark your calendars accordingly. Meeting dates are listed below and emails and/or flyers of our speakers and topics will be forwarded to you as necessary.

In this, our first Newsletter of the year, we need to thank all who worked for the success of our club this past year.

First we thank Mikki Terry for serving as Co-President of George Mason Republican Women last year. Her dedication to GMRW was inspiring and she was, and is, a model for all who volunteer to serve as Republican women. Mikki is putting her extraordinary writing skills to use this year as our club’s Recording Secretary.

We also want to thank Mary Tanzer for her excellent work in planning our 2014 agenda. Mary produced a planning model for the year that we continue to use.

Our next thank you is to our own Nancy Krakover. She is one member who truly understands the importance of Republican politics and in 2014 she was a consistent supporter of our club’s events both as Recording Secretary and working behind the scenes. She spearheaded some of our most difficult events.

We appreciate all who worked on a committee in 2014 but especially those who served on our fund-raising committee…namely Jean Bradley, Mary Pawlow and Mikki Terry.

We would be remiss if we didn’t send out a special note of appreciation to our very best Treasurer, Bobbi Green. Bobbi’s knowledge of the Republican Women’s network is extraordinary and we regularly rely on her expertise in the day to day management of the club.

We also recognize the work that Carolyn Dietrict did in gathering our volunteer hours at every meeting. She helped up remember the importance of the volunteer hours within the greater state and national Republican Women’s movement.

We need to show special appreciation to Carol Ford for organizing our Membership Directory each year. Thank Carol every time you refer to our Directory during the year.

Rosemary Espinosa, our official Chaplain, inspired us every month and Mary Bell, our photographer, always made us look our best as she recorded our events.

Violeta Warner showed her special computer skills as she set up and managed our social media sites all year.

And last, but not least, we recognize the creative genius of Ramona Weaver and thank her for creating our magnificent Newsletter each month in 2014.

2014 was a successful year for our club and your new 2015 Executive Board, Trish Martell, Caroline Herrik, Mikki Terry, Bobbi Green, and me, are already planning exciting and timely events for the coming year. We are using the Virginia Federation of Republican Women Mission Statement seen below as a reference and guide in our work.

We began the year on January 21st with our first speaker, Erin Anderson. She gave us an inside look into Border Security and National Security. She showed us how illegal drugs, human trafficking, money laundering, and border security are all part of the same problem and how they impact our National Security…timely information indeed.

As we move along a big part of our plan for this coming year is for GMRW members to work toward keeping the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates in Republican hands. We will support our local representatives with their ground game and with much                                    needed campaign fund.

I look forward to an exciting year as we work towards the growth of the Republican Party here in Northern Virginia.

Warm Regards,

Geraldine Davie


2015 Mission Statement

The mission of the George Mason Republican Women is:

To promote an informed public through political education

and activity

To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government

To recruit and support Republican women for elective office at all levels

To work for the election of Republican Party nominees


Member Lola Lacraw has taken on the responsibility of manning the Farmer’s Markets in Fairfax County for the Republican Party. She is looking for leaders and volunteers who will give out literature to voters as they arrive at the markets. The commitment is for a few hours each week beginning in late spring and into the fall. This is a sure fire way to “touch” a voter with Republican information. Contact Lola to help with this most important way to reach voters.

Lola plans to visit the women’s clubs in the 11th District seeking leaders and volunteers as she organizes the Markets of Fairfax County.

VFRW Legislative Day- January 15, 2015

Seven members of GMRW drove to Richmond for the VFRW Legislative Day on January 15.  There were approximately 300 members at lunch and the room was awash in a sea of red jackets.  This meeting drew Republican women from all corners of Virginia. Congratulations to Linda Bartlett for providing us with a day that highlighted the strength of Republican women.  Senators and Delegates from all corners of Virginia lunched with VFRW members. 


Congratulations to JOHN WHITBECK who has promised to "never forget where I came from (Chairman of the 10th Congressional District), and to manage our Party guided by the Republican Party of Virginia Creed."  He also stated that "this creed unites us. It makes us who we are. And if we only live by these words, there is no limit to what we can accomplish."


You are invited to meet a real-live fighter for

Property Rights of Virginians




Come hear her tell her “DAVID AND GOLIATH” story and why “Property Rights” are important to you

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2015 (Monthly Meeting Date)

6:30 PM



BURKE, VA. 22015

RSVP TO BOBBI GREEN AT [email protected]

Here is what has been written about Martha Boneta:

“A Landmark Agriculture Bill is now Law in Virginia because of Martha.”

As stated in the Farmer-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund on July 1, 2014. “…bill HB268 (SB 51) becomes law in Virginia today, protecting certain activities at agricultural operation from local regulation.”

They continue to say that the “law marks the latest chapter in a controversy that attracted nationwide attention in 2012 when the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors forced family farmer Martha Boneta to cease selling produce from her own 64=acre farm. No longer allowed to sell the vegetables she had harvested, Boneta donated the food to local charities lest it go to waste. Fauquier County officials threatened Boneta with $15,000 per day fines for hosting a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls without a permit, and advertising pumpkin carvings. Seeing the county’s action against Boneta as a brazen effort to drive her off her land, Virginians from all walks of life rallied to her defense.

Dates to Remember

February 18

Theme: Property Rights

Speaker: Martha Boneta, Author of Boneta Bill HB1430

February 25 - 28

CPAC Convention 

April 17-19
VFRW Convention 
 Short Pump, Va.
 West of Richmond


Needed Now:

Precinct Captains for the Springfield District

"One Team - One Fight"

Contact Geraldine Davie at [email protected]

2015 GMRW Meetings:

February 18

Theme: Property Rights

Speaker: Martha Boneta, Author of Boneta Bill HB1430

March 18 

Membership Meeting

April 15

Planning Stage - Information to follow

May 20

Planning Stage - Information to follow


 2015 Elections

Up for re-election this year is John Frey, Clerk of the Court in Fairfax County. This is one of the most important jobs in Fairfax County and we want to make sure it remains Republican. John is the son of GMRW member Carol Frey and he has our full support for re-election. We pledge to work on his campaign and will do whatever is necessary to insure his re-election. We are hoping to have John speak to us at a meeting in late spring.


Also up for re-election is Rob Bell, son of member Mary Bell. Rob is running for the House of Delegates from the 58th District and is also planning a run for Attorney General of Virginia in 2016. Delegate Bell also has the support of the GMRW members and we pledge to support his campaigns in any way possible.

Here is the 2015 Election Schedule for Fairfax County:
State Senate
House of Delegates
Board of Supervisors
School Board
Commonwealth's Attorney
Clerk of the Courts
Soil and Water Commission
Membership form can be downloaded by clicking on the "MORE" tab and clicking on "DOCUMENTS" then click on Download at the bottom of the page.




NAME: _______________________________

STREET: ______________________________

CITY AND STATE_______________________ ZIP-CODE__________

TELEPHONE: __________________BIRTHDAY___________(Day & Month)

EMAIL ___________________________________________________


PRECINCT _______________________________ MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT ________________



MEMBERSHIP STATUS: NEW OR RENEW (Please circle) $35.00

                                        ASSOCIATE                                    $15.00

                       (If ASSOCIATE, REGULAR MEMBER OF ________________________RWC)

Make your check payable to GMRW

Submit to: Bobbi Green

                   P.O. Box 152

                  Occoquan, VA 22125

I am interested in helping with the following:

Telephoning ___ Historian ___Americanism ___ Programs ___ Campaign Activities ___

Membership ___ Youth Activities ___Legislation ___ Fundraising ___ Public Relations ___

Community Service ___ Newsletter ___Other _____________________



9th -   Bea Clark
10th -  Ramona Weaver
      -   Pamela Reinkober
20th - Jamie Lawler-Savitske


2nd - Bobbi Green
20th - Violeta Warner
22nd - Zandra Kenr

MINUTES of January 21, 2015

George Mason Republican Women’s Club January 21, 2015

King’s Park Library Community Room

11:20 a.m.

President Geraldine Davie called the group to order. Mikki Terry was sworn in as Recording Secretary.

Rosemary Espinosa delivered the invocation.

Mary Bell led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bobbi Green provided the Treasurer’s Report. Green reported that as of December 2014, the Club has a carry-over of $2,737. Green reminded the club that in 2014 we could only donate to local campaigns. For 2015, we have more eligible candidates to support. We cannot donate to federal elections.

Green provided highlights of the proposed budget for 2015, noting that the target of $5712 is based on the assumption that we will have a total of $1750 (50 regular members) and $250 (10 associate members), and an additional $1000 in fundraising.

Bell moved to approve the 2015 budget as presented by Green. The motion was seconded by Espinosa. The 2015 budget was approved by a voice vote.

President Davie reminded the group that 2015 dues are due. Dues are $35 for full membership and $20 for Associate members. Green is collecting the checks.

Davie also reminded the club that members attending the VFRW conference in April as delegates will receive partial funding.

Davie reminded the club that we still have a need for a Publicity committee chair who will liaison with local media and increase the club’s visibility. She will make some calls before our next meeting.

Davie thanked Violeta Warner for assuming the responsibility for the GMRWC Newsletter. She commended Ramona Weaver’s leadership in developing the process and the production of a highly regarded newsletter.

Green applauded the work of the fund raising team of Jean Bradley, Mary Pawlow, and Mikki Terry and asked for continued support of the activities. Terry reminded the club of the opportunity to buy Republican-themed pillows and bottle bags and to participate in 50:50 and other opportunities. Green encouraged members to participate in today’s White Elephant opportunity.

Davie asked for members who had attended the Legislative Conference last week to share their impressions. Bell said the turnout of elected leaders in the Assembly (60 Republicans) and Senate (22 Republicans) shows that the elected officials understand and appreciate the support of the VFRW clubs.

Lola Lecraw introduced a new member, Haley Isson. Lecraw also asked for club members to attend meetings on plans for renewal of the Bailey’s Crossroads area, especially as they affect already crowded schools.

Trish Martel invited club members to participate in lobbying the legislature about human trafficking. Americans for Prosperity will provide bus transportation to Richmond in February.

Davie read some thank you notes including a club donation of $150 to retire Barbara Comstock’s campaign debt. She thanked Lecraw for her donation of a cake.

Davie noted that Carol Frey’s son John is running for reelection as Clerk of Court for the Circuit Court. Frey noted that the term is 8 years.

Warner reminded members of a meeting on property rights at 6 p.m. on February 18. More information is forthcoming.

Davie announced that Lecraw has assumed responsibility for coordinating our work at the Farmer’s Markets. Lecraw noted that the Monticello RWC is on the board for the farmer’s markets. She reiterated the need for us to monitor county plans for areas such as Bailey’s Crossroads.

Kim Battaglia’s neighbor is contemplating announcing as a candidate. More information will be forthcoming.

Following lunch, Erin Anderson spoke on “Amnesty and Global Security.”

President Davie adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.