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Jan-Feb, 2016

Executive Board

Melissa Beaudoin

First Vice President & Programs

Geraldine Davie

[email protected]

Second Vice President  & Membership

Patricia Martell

Recording Secretary

Mikki Terry: 703-978-0205


Bobbi Green: 703-328-7260


Violeta Warner:

703 282-9779

Sitting Committees

Americanism & Caring for America: Lynne Blankenship

Budget & Bylaws:
Bobbi Greene

Rosemary Espinosa

Ann Collins

Directory: Carol Ford

Farmer's Market:
Lola LeCraw

Fundraising/Ways & Means: Lola LeCraw

Newsletter & Social Media: Violeta Warner

Parliamentarian: Jane Woods

Photographers: Mary Bell & Violeta Warner

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Homeland Security



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Young Women's Liason

Members,  please send your volunteer hours to Melissa Beaudoin at [email protected] 

Needed Now:

Precinct Captains We're outnumbered by Dem EOs in Fairfax County, so please consider becoming one. You learn a lot about the election process and you get paid!!for the Springfield District

"One Team - One Fight"

Contact Geraldine Davie at [email protected]


Our fundraiser is a VERY SPECAIL JEWELRY SALE with all profits going to GMRW.A very talented jewelry designer with a love of both her jewelry and the Republican Party has agreed to display her creations for sale at the FCRC Convention on March 12, 2016. Each piece of jewelry is unique and all are made with a variety of real stones and pearls (no plastic.)  Prices will range from $13 to $39.  Perfect gift for yourself or your family and friends.

Linda Bartlett,President VFRW,Mikki Terry Recording Secretary,Beverly Cavataio,Corresponding Secretary,Patricia Martell,2nd VP & Membership,Melissa Beaudoin,President,Geraldine Davie,1st VP & Programs,Bobbi Green,Treasurer

From left to right

Dear Members of the George Mason Republican Women’s Club,

As I begin my tenure as President of GMRW it is a genuine pleasure getting to know all of you better. GMRW of an organization that is filled with accomplished and talented women, with years of faithful service to our nation and the Republican party. Because of this, I find myself feeling humbled and honored to be a part of this organization. Thank you for the trust that you have given me by allowing me to serve as your club president this year. I am truly honored to serve you all.

In November, Americans will go to the polls for the 58th time in our nation’s history to elect a new president.  With the current domestic political climate and the challenges that are facing the international community, this election cycle is critical, not only for Republicans, but for all of the American people.  For the sake of our country, and most importantly our children’s futures, we must elect a Republican on November 1. Here are just a few of the reasons why: Over the past eight years, the United States has. . .

  • Seen its respect and leadership position decrease in the international community.

  • Had healthcare legislation passed and forced on the American people (without our fully knowing what it entailed) only to find that its actual cost has nearly tripled original estimates and it costs individuals more than most private/employer-based policies.

  • Seen the middle class shrink and the lower class increase.

  • Seen this administration move forward with the closing of Guantanamo Bay despite the knowledge that 20% of the prisoners that were first released under the Bush administration returned to terrorism. Now, there is evidence that 28.6% of the prisoners that have been released have returned to terrorism.

  • Pulled out of Iraq before the region had stabilized, leaving a power-vacuum that has been filled with ISIS, thus wasting the blood of our sons and daughters who gave their lives for our freedoms.

  • Failed to recognize or take action on the threat that ISIS presents. Now, we fight radical Islam within our own borders and our very security is threatened.

  • Made multiple concessions with Iran, a state that has been openly hostile (in the most modest of terms) to U.S. and its allies over the enrichment of weapons-grade uranium.

  • Been in a historically unique position to heal ethnic relations in this country. Yet, inter-ethnic relations have degenerated since this administration has been in office.

All of this is occurred under Democratic leadership in the White House. I was once asked by a liberal professor if I was better off, economically, under Bush’s administration than I was under Clinton’s. Oh, how I wish that I could ask him the same question that he asked me, today! I would ask him the same question that he asked me, but I would also ask him a second question: “When you go to sleep at night, do you feel as secure as you did eight years ago?” The answers are clear. No, Americans are not as well off as they were eight years ago and no, we do not feel as secure as we did when we had a Republican President. We need to work together to see that a Republican, one that will protect our economic and physical security, is inaugurated in 2017.  It will be a challenge. We will need to work hard. But, we are equal to the task!

The program for GMRW’s February meeting is, “How to Talk to a Liberal.”  In the meeting, we will cover the differences in the core beliefs between Democrats and Republicans. We will also discuss tips and strategies on how to talk about politics in a convincing and non-confrontational manner. This will be a meeting that you will not want miss!  


Melissa Beaudoin


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GMRW Membership Committee Report

By Patricia Martell

The GMRW Membership Committee is running a competition among our membership. The member that brings in the most new members during 2016 will be given a prize. There will be a mid-year and an end of the year recognition. If there is a tie, we will have a lottery at our meeting to award the prize. The end year total will be for the whole year while the mid-year is the total for 6 months. The prize which is pictured here is to be given in June. 

Wreath Across America, December 2015

December 12th was the Wreaths Across America annual wreath laying ceremony at many of the military cemeteries across the nation. GMRW members Geraldine Davie,Pam Heminger,Lola LeCraw, Lynne Blankenship and Violeta Warner attended this inspirational and memorable event at Arlington National Cemetery. 

This was the second year WAA reached their goal of having enough wreaths to be placed at every headstone in Arlington. The new goal is to make sure this happens EVERY year. Whether you lay a wreath, retire a wreath, sponsor a wreath or just attend the event and ceremonies, you will be deeply moved and proud to be an American. All you have to do is read the thousands of comments on Facebook to realize how many relatives, friends and ordinary American citizens across the country are grateful for these small gestures. Although the recognition is appreciated, it pales in comparison to what these brave heroes have done for us. To volunteer in some way is an honor and a chance to show our heartfelt gratitude for our fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrafice for our freedom!

Remember to mark your calendar for December 17, 2016 for this year's event. Due to the recent blizzard, the ANC Wreath Retirement (Cleanup) date was moved to this Saturday, February 13th so it is not too late! You can also sponsor a wreath at any time of the year. For more information please visit or contact Lynne Blankenship at [email protected]. More information for the December event for will be published in the newletter later in the year.

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