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We're outnumbered by Dem EOs in Fairfax County, so please consider becoming one. You learn a lot about the election process and you get paid!!for the Springfield District

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GMRW Membership Committee Report

By Patricia Martell

The GMRW Membership Committee is running a competition among our membership. The member that brings in the most new members during 2016 will be given a prize. There will be a mid-year and an end of the year recognition. If there is a tie, we will have a lottery at our meeting to award the prize. The end year total will be for the whole year while the mid-year is the total for 6 months. The prize which is pictured here is to be given in June. 

Stop The Meals Tax

This November, Fairfax voters will vote on a 10% tax on all prepared meals sold in the County. FCRC opposes this tax that hurts low and middle income families

For more info:

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Dear George Mason Republican Women, 

As we prepare for the fall election season and the final push to elect a Republican to the White House, I could not be prouder than I am now to be a George Mason Republican woman.   Our members have been hard at work over the entire summer, supporting our nominee and to ensure a Republican victory in November.  Our members have been working farmers’ markets, walking precincts, attending the RNC Convention, supporting candidates by attending rallies, and supporting the VFRW Voter Registration Initiative. We are working hard because we understand how important this election is.  The future of our children and our great nation is in the balance.

It is because of the importance of this election that I ask our George Mason family members to join me in becoming election judges for the November 8 election.  We need Republicans at every polling location in Fairfax County to ensure that this election is fair and honest. Signing up is easy. Call the Fairfax County Elections office at 703.324.4735 and sign-up for one of their many training sessions.

If serving as an election judge is not an option for you, that’s OK.  There are many ways that each one of us can work for Republican victory. This newsletter is packed with excellent articles, providing us with information, updates, volunteer opportunities, event schedules, and more. Whether it is talking persuasively to family and friends, block walking, making campaign contributions, or  a host of other activities,  if we all do something, we can change everything!  Now is the time! We can do it!  We can make America great again!

We remain: United in Vision and Values,

Melissa Beaudoin, President

George Mason Republican Women

16 Reasons to Vote for Trump in ‘16

by Melissa Beaudoin

At the end of the Clinton Administration, a liberal professor of mine was using class time to try to convince students to vote for Democrat Al Gore for President.  To convince us that Gore was the “only” choice, he asked us, “Are you better off today than you were eight years ago?” What he was asking us to do was to acknowledge that the liberal policies of the Clinton White House had resulted in a more secure and prosperous United States. He then argued that Clinton’s policies should be continued through an Al Gore Administration.

Now, I am going to ask you the same question: Are you better off now than you were eight years ago? More specifically, do you feel safer when you go to bed at night than you did eight years ago? Is our nation as united as it was eight years ago? Are you as optimistic about your economic future as you were eight years ago?  Finally, do you feel that the country is heading in the right direction? If you are like me, the answer is a resounding, no.

As reprehensible as the thought of having four or eight more years of Obama’s failed policies through a Hillary Clinton Administration may be, what is just as troubling is Clinton’s abysmal record when it comes to protecting our national security. And then, there is the question of personal character.  Here are a few examples:

The continuation of Obama Policies: If you are not happy about the direction that the country has been going over the past eight years, the thought of four or eight years more should keep you awake at night:

1.  The Supreme Court – A President’s true legacy.
Use of IRS as a political tool – If you’re conservative, don’t even think about getting a tax ID           anytime soon.
Yes, Iran was paid a ransom! Hostage Saeed Abedini stated that the he and his fellow hostages
     had to wait in their plan for hours until a second plane arrived.  (Miller, 2016)
4.  Obamacare – Does anyone really believe that this has been a success?
5.  Jobs  We have had the weakest recovery in history, companies are not hiring, and salaries              have stagnated.
Taxes – On August 1, Clinton said, “…we are going to raise taxes on the middle class.”                     (Kravchik, 2014)
Black Lives Matter – The current administration has been in a unique place in history to heal          societal wound. Rather, racial and economic differences have been exploited, exacerbating            tensions, for political gain.

Security: If you think that Clinton will ensure security, think again:

8.  33,000 State Department emails stored on an outdated, private server – this is how she                  protects our country’s information.
In 2007, Clinton supported a nuclear deal with Iran (Beinart, 2016) - Iranians have just                    conducted a nuclear weapons test. Are you really surprised?
10.  Bengazi – When the attack on the American Embassy in Libya was unfolding, the                           Ambassador called for help. What aid did he receive? None
Club Gitmo – We now know that 30% of released Guantanamo prisoners have either returned       to terrorism or are missing and are suspected of returning.

Character: As President of the United States and leader of the free world, one would expect that the person that holds this office possesses impeachable character. Judge for yourself:

12.  She was fired from the Watergate Committee for stealing documents that were critical to the            case (Morris 2016).

13.  Whitewater - A savings & loan failed, people went to prison, and Hillary “lost” the documents          that recorded her participation in the case until Bill’s second term.

14.  She is dishonest – She did not retract her statement that she flew into Bosnia under sniper fire        until evidence was produced otherwise. (Kessler, 2016)

15.  For political gain, she undermined the credibility and reputations of Juanita Broaddrick,                    Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and others like them who have been victims of Bill’s                         indiscretions.

16.  She colluded with the DNC against Sanders. She wants to be President so bad, she will do           whatever it takes, including undermining the democratic system.

I admit it.  During the primary season, I did not support Trump. He was not my first choice. In fact, he was not my second, fifth, tenth, or even my fifteenth choice. With seventeen strong candidates running for the Republican nomination during the primary season, chances are that Trump was not your first choice, either. If you find yourself searching for a reason to vote for Trump, I can give you that reason -  Hillary Clinton.


 A Democrat supporter at the Mason District Farmers Market challenged Mary Tanzer and Glen Schiver  with the question, “Give me one good reason why I should vote for Donald Trump.”  They responded, “Supreme Court!”  However, Mary decided to take it further to provide an expanded answer. She developed the signs “Reasons to Vote for Trump,”  and then expanded the poster to include information about Khan at the Democrat Convention and four mysterious deaths connected to the DNC in less than a month. Inspired, she created the poster “Hillary’s Accomplishments.”  Lola LeCraw uses all of these signs, as well as the posters “Silent Majority Stands With Trump” and “Veterans For Trump” every Thursday at the Mason District Farmers Market.  Lola says many people stop by and acknowledge their support for Trump with a thumbs up.  She has candy for the children too.  Lola says we’ve got to do all we can to win this election in November!

GMRW members Mary Tanzer at the Mason Distric Farmers Market and Edna Carr Eckel at the Wakefield Farmers Market.

GMRW member Mary Tanzer who has been helping me at the Mason District Farmers Market.  The response was very good.  People stopped and asked about the various points noted in the signs, which is exactly what we want.  If you want more info on how to make one of these for your market, please call or e-mail Mary at the following numbers:


GMRW member Beverly Cavataio speaks with Trump Va. State leader Cory Stuart at a "Women For Trump" event sponsored by the VFRW. GO TRUMP!!

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: GMRW member Linda Bartlett welcomed newly sworn US citizens at the Fairfax County Govt Center.

Photo Credit: Lolita Mancheno-Smoak



by Geraldine Davie

If you are a political junkie (like me) and would like to be totally immersed in politics for 5 days and nights then the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was the perfect place for you.  The Convention provided me the privilege of watching the Constitution take place before my eyes where like-minded citizens gathered together to nominate the candidate of their choice.  It’s “we the people” 2016 style.

Although heavily scripted and controlled, the convention still left plenty of room for discussion about strategies, issues, and candidates. There were a few on-the-spot upheavals and differences of opinions during the week which created lots of controversy and excitement.

Although heavily scripted and controlled, the convention still left plenty of room for discussion about strategies, issues, and candidates. There were a few on-the-spot upheavals and differences of opinions during the week which created lots of controversy and excitement.

Every day we listened to great speakers and we all had a favorite.  I especially liked Laura Ingram when she challenged the press in the upper tiers of the convention hall to, at least, be journalists.  

There were many political celebrities to be met.  I met Phyllis Schlafly, and Richard Viguerie, two of the pillars of the conservative movement started more than 50 years ago.  I began following Richard Viguerie on twitter since the convention.   

I met or saw many well-known political stars…Mike Huckabee, Pete Hegseth, Jonah Goldberg, Scott Walker, Col. Allen West, Pam Bondi, Jesse Waters, Louis Gomert, Dr. Ben Carson and many more.  I took photos of myself with these politically prominent people and my photos became a personal photo essay of the 2016 Convention. 

On Wednesday, we were treated to a preview of Denesh D’souza’s movie “Hillary’s America.”  The staff who helped produce the movie was introduced at the end of the showing and there were press interviews in the lobby of the theater as we left.  The movie is well done and I recommend that everyone take time to learn the truth about the history of the Democrat party.  Definitely worth seeing.

Another highlight of the Convention was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, located in Cleveland, and a must see.  The Republican Party scheduled a fabulous party of 15,000 people on the grounds of the museum to kick off the Convention.  The view of the Cleveland skyline from the museum was breathtaking and the party was a spectacular event.

In the end the people spoke through their Delegates and nominated Donald J. Trump as their nominee for President.  His address and the closing ceremony was almost too grand to absorb…hence the photos.

Now it’s time to work our precincts and get as many Republicans to the polls on Election Day to elect DONALD TRUMP as President of the United States. 

Show your support and gratitude by adding your name to the
"WE BACK THE BLUE" list. The goal is to have 5000 names on the list.

The Fairfax County Republican Committee is grateful to those who wear the uniform in our community, and protect and serve every Fairfax County resident. In these difficult times for law enforcement across the nation, we want to show our support and gratitude. If we can gather the names of 5,000 County residents, we will contact the Chief of Police and the Sheriff and ask them to inform their officers and deputies that the Fairfax County GOP and 5,000 citizens have their backs.

If you would like to show your support for our Fairfax County police officers and sheriff’s deputies,here's the link to add your name:

FRIDAY, September 16,2015
Kings Park Library
9000 Burke Lake Rd, Burke, VA 22015
Information: Melissa Beaudoin - [email protected]
RSVP: Bobbi Green - [email protected]

In honor of the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001, George Mason RW is hosting a "We Back the Blue" event on Friday, September 16. We will be inviting police, fire, and EMS to our meeting to honor their dedication and service. We would also like to invite our NOVA VFRW sister clubs to join us!  Whether as individuals or in conjunction with your own club meeting, they are all most welcome. We would be more than happy to change our billing to include as many area clubs as want to participate.  This special meeting will take place at 12:00 Noon on Sept. 16, 2016  and at the Kings Park Library in Burke. Please feel free to bring a friend to honor these men and women who sacrifice their lives to keep us safe.
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