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March-April 2015

George Mason Republican Women


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Dates to Remember

April 17-19 VFRW 2015 Convention 
 Short Pump, Va.
 West of Richmond
See flyer below with detailed information. Please join us.
1. Geraldine Davie
2. Gerarda Culipher
3. Mary Bell
4. Ann Collins
5. Bobbi Green

Mikki Terry

Proposed 2015 GMRW Meetings. Please marked your calendar.

Tuesday, April 14 - 11:00 am
Kings Park Library
Speaker Martha Bonita

Tuesday, May 19 - 11:00 am
Kings Park Library

Wednesday, June 17 -  11:00am
Gunston Hall

Wednesday, July 15  -  11:00am
NFRW National Headquarters

Tuesday, August 18 - 11:00am
Kings Park Library

Tuesday, Sept. 15 - 11:00am
 Kings Park Library

Tuesday, October 20 - 11:00 am
 Kings Park Library

Tuesday, Nov. 17 - 11:00 am

Friday, December 11 - 7:00pm

Please note CHANGE in DAY OF THE WEEK for
April, May, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.

Needed Now:

Precinct Captains for the Springfield District

"One Team - One Fight"

Contact Geraldine Davie at [email protected]

We had an exciting membership meeting Wednesday, 3/18/15, at the home of Caroline Herrick. Our speaker, Braddock District Supervisor JOHN COOK, spoke to us at length about the issues facing the voters of Fairfax County today.  He brought us up to date on:  transportation, taxes, domestic violence, mental health, police protection, community involvement, and the Public School budget.  He also briefed us on the urgent need to bring more private industry into Fairfax County.  He is truly a "hands on" political leader. All in all it was an informative evening and we again thank Caroline Herrick for hosting. Our club donated to John Cook's campaign and now we need to call his office and volunteer to help get him elected. The Cook Campaign would also like us to help him with letter writing, distributing literature at the Summer concerts, and manning the Farmer's Markets. Remember, we are a (hard) working club. For more details about this meeting, see Minutes by Recording Secretary Mikki Terry.

Warm Regards,
Geraldine Davie
Pres. GMRW

Welcome New Members

  New Members 2015                                                   New Members 2014

  Kim Battaglia                                                              Joanna Bergstrom

  Maura Lee                                                                    Ledia Bernal

  Carolyn Espinosa                                                       Brenda Brenner

  Pam Heminger                                                            Beverley Cavataio

  Donna Moore                                                              Edna Eckel

  Anita Edwards                                                            Gerry Gunn
  Hayley Einseln                                                            Pamela Reinkober




1st Vice President, Trish Martell created this brochure highlighting who we are,the benefits of being a GMRW member and the important work we contribute.

Up for re-election this year is John Frey, Clerk of the Court in Fairfax County. This is one of the most important jobs in Fairfax County and we want to make sure it remains Republican. John is the son of GMRW member Carol Frey and he has our full support for re-election. We pledge to work on his campaign and will do whatever is necessary to insure his re-election. We are hoping to have John speak to us at a meeting in late spring.


Member Lola Lacraw has taken on the responsibility of manning the Farmer’s Markets in Fairfax County for the Republican Party. She is looking for leaders and volunteers who will give out literature to voters as they arrive at the markets. The commitment is for a few hours each week beginning in late spring and into the fall. This is a sure fire way to “touch” a voter with Republican information. Contact Lola to help with this most important way to reach voters.

Lola plans to visit the women’s clubs in the 11th District seeking leaders and volunteers as she organizes the Markets of Fairfax County.

Annandale: May 7 - November 12,  8 a.m. - Noon
MASON DISTRICT PARK, 6621 Columbia Pike

Burke: May 2 - November 21, 8 a.m. - Noon
VRE PARKING LOT, 5671 Roberts Parkway

Kingstowne: May 1 -October 30, 4 p.m. -7 p.m.
In the Giant parking lot, 5935 KINGSTOWNE TOWNE CENTER

McLean: May 1 - November 20, 8 a.m. - Noon
Market closed on May 16 for McLean Day preparations
LEWINSVILLE PARK, 1659 Chain Bridge Road

For 2015 Farmer Schedule check the link below:

Supervisor Pat Herrity

Pat Herrity held an exciting campaign kick-off at the Springfield CC. GMRW members President,Geraldine Davie,Carol Frey,Pam Heminger and Janie Lawler-Savitske with Ed Gillespie. We will campaign for Pat.

Scott Cameron

2015 VFRW State Convention

WHEN:           Friday,Saturday,Sunday - April 17, 18 and 19, 2015

        Hilton Hotel and Spa - Short Pump
                      12042 W Broad St., Richmond, VA
                      Phone: (804) 364-3600
Hotel cost per night: $129.00 + Taxes & Fees (Reservations can be made now)

         Self parking in Garage or Valet parking, $9.00 per night

Convention COST:              $165.00 per person

Bring:             Your enthusiasm and plan to have a wonderful time

Fun:               Auction and drawings,lots of sales items,maybe a fun game or two

                                                               Fay Williamson, Chair
                                                        [email protected]
                                                                      804 389-6555

                                                                Jenny Mundy, Co-Chair
                                                                     [email protected]

Candidate Update

The primary filing deadline for candidates in Fairfax County passed yesterday at 5PM. We are pleased to announce that the following incumbents have met all the necessary requirements, and no other candidates filed for these offices. Accordingly, they have all been renominated and there will be no Republican primary for these offices:

The General Election will be held on November 3rd. The Fairfax County Republican Committee is proud to support our great team of incumbent elected officials, and we look forward to ensuring their reelection!

Members, the board has sent you a survey to evaluate our meetings from 2014.  Would you please click on the following link and complete the 5 question survey?

We are asking you to take this survey so that we can plan for future meetings and events.  Your opinion is valuable to us. We will use this survey to evaluate our upcoming meetings.

If you prefer, we will follow with a mail out paper survey.

Results of survey to follow.


George Mason Republican Women’s Club

Club Meeting

March 18, 2015

Caroline Herrick’s Home

9111 Meadow Rue Lane

8:00 pm

President Geraldine Davie called the meeting to order. Caroline Herrick introduced the evening’s speaker, Supervisor John Cook, known by active Republicans as “Landslide John” for the dramatic victories in his political career. Cook reminded the group that his campaign kick-off event is scheduled for Monday, March 23rd at Interstate Van Lines’ facility. Cook talked about the stability on the ten member Board of Supervisors and the importance of winning at least 2 of the contested seats. Sully is particularly important. Cook also talked about the county wide elections. It will be a very active election at all levels. Cook provided a synopsis of who is running for open slots and the competitive edge of each.

Offices up for election in November 2015 include all members of the VA Senate and House of Delegates and all Virginia state Senate and House of Delegates. In Fairfax County, there will also be competition for all supervisors, all school board members, the commonwealth’s attorney, sheriff, clerk of Court and all members of the Soil and Water Conservation District.

Cook said it was going to be especially important that we can articulate the differences between Democratic and Republican candidates. Cook reported that 200 county residents have been trained in leadership and that the issues of domestic violence and sexual exploitation and assault are important to the Fairfax community. He also supports the committee established to review police training and crisis intervention team training.

Cook reported that the DC Metro area is almost dead last (worse even than Detroit) in economic development. Economic growth in the DC Metro area is 2.5%. Heavy reliance on federal contracts is largely to blame. Only 5000 new jobs were created here in 2014.

The County executive’s proposed budget reflects concern for renewed economic growth by raising residential tax revenues. Cook talked about the importance of business development, including exploiting the tourism coming through Dulles who are currently funneled to DC. He also talked about developing more transparent connections between our schools and demonstrated industry need. Cook included our community college, which continues to graduate students in fields where there is no demonstrated need.

In response to questions, Cook said the Board is anticipating a community-based report in March or April that recommends developing bus lanes for Braddock Road. The group has spent the Last year exploring options. Recommendation for a special tax on restaurant meals had been suggested by the committee early in its work. The restaurant tax was voted down.

Cook made it clear that he and the Republican voters advocate growing the economy rather than taxing businesses.

Answering a question about declining support for victims of violence, Cook noted that participation had dwindled but that support was available through other venues.

Cook said he and other Board members remain concerned about the lack of transparency in the school budget. He also reported that 1300 undocumented and unexpected children registered for school in 2015. Fairfax County spends about $14,000 per year per student. Traditionally, we have grown student population by 2000 per year, so the influx of an additional 1300 shocked the system.

Davie and Herrick thanked Cook for his insights and the club gave him a check for his campaign.

Davie moved the club into the business meeting. Announcements included:

Trish Martel will focus on identifying potential women candidates of high quality.

VFRW President Linda Bartlett asked for help from those attending the annual convention. Bartlett’s reception is on Saturday evening. Those attending offered to help at the Short Pump, VA, conference.

Bartlett reported that the 2016 convention will be held at Tyson’s Corner Hilton.

The January minutes were adopted. There was no meeting in February due to weather cancellations.

Green announced she will start keeping fundraising as a separate budget item. Green presented the treasurer’s report for January and February. Both were approved and filed for audit.

Club members were reminded that this is the year to donate, given all the campaigns.

Thank you notes were read from Dan Bartlett.

Herrick moved that the club adopt the recommended delegates to the VFRW Convention, including Green as an alternate. The motion carried.

The club members applauded the new membership brochure, designed by Martel. Martel asked that members complete the survey as it will inform our program.

Davie reminded members to give their volunteer hours to Caroline Dietrich.

In Lola Lecraw’s absence, Davie reported that Lecraw is working at 2 markets: Springfield and Braddock. Our presence is making the Democrats nervous.

Davie reported on the CPAC Conference – responsible for getting information out so Republicans can take action. Bell asked who among the speakers was most impressive. Davie noted that Gov Scott Walker and Senator Cruz didn’t use the teleprompter and that Carly Feorino was impressive.

Davie reminded members that we are short precinct captains at Springfield (where we need 15) and Braddock.

Davie encouraged everyone to join the FCRC (Fairfax County Republican Comm). Next meeting of FCRC is March 25th.

We were encouraged to visit the GMRWC website.

Herrick announced that membership is discounted by 50% for those who join or renew tonight.

Herrick reported that the HOSEA Initiative will celebrate its 2nd annual liberated with Truth Conference, Shades of Deception, April 25. Information is available on the Hosea website.

Davie introduced the new members to the club.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm. Our next meeting will be on April  14, 2015 at 11:00 am
speaker Martha Bonita


March Birthdays                          

7 Sara Broadfoot                          

7 Gerarda Culipher                                            
10 Elsbeth Hoff                                
22 Joan Jacobs
23 Joanna Bergstrom
27 Lola LeCraw

April Birthdays

15 Patsy Drain

27 Bonnie Boyd                   
30 Charla Quimby

Happy Spring...

       Do It Anyway - Mother Teresa

Thank you Rosemary Espinosa for sharing this poem.