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March-April, 2016

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We're outnumbered by Dem EOs in Fairfax County, so please consider becoming one. You learn a lot about the election process and you get paid!!for the Springfield District

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GMRW Membership Committee Report

By Patricia Martell

The GMRW Membership Committee is running a competition among our membership. The member that brings in the most new members during 2016 will be given a prize. There will be a mid-year and an end of the year recognition. If there is a tie, we will have a lottery at our meeting to award the prize. The end year total will be for the whole year while the mid-year is the total for 6 months. The prize which is pictured here is to be given in June. 

Member Lola LeCraw arranged for a jewelry fundraiser at the FCRC Convention.Great work Lola for GMRW.

GMRW members: Violeta Warner,Pam Heminger and Geraldine Davie working at Pat Herrity's Annual St. Patrick's Day


Hello, George Mason Republican Women, fellow Republicans, and guest readers.

At the start of the presidential primary season, the Republican Party had numerous excellent candidates vying for the Republican nomination. On March first, Republicans in Virginia went to the polls to let our voices be added along with the states that have already voted as to who will best serve our great nation as President of the United States. While Marco Rubio won northern Virginia, Trump ultimately received the most votes in the state. Now, as we approach the end of the primary season, the field is narrowed even further. Only Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have sufficient delegates to have a chance at becoming the Republican nominee at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer1. Though this has been a difficult process, I add my voices to those who warn us to not let the party be divided. When we have selected our candidate for President, we must unify, as a party, and rally around our nominee. To do otherwise, to run a third-party candidate, would split the Republican vote and hand the White House to the Democrats. We cannot let that happen, at the end of the day any of our Republican candidates is better than having four, or (I shiver at the thought) eight years of Bernie or Hillary.

Even though it has been a tumultuous primary, it is an exciting time to be a Republican! After eight years of failed policies and a dismal lack of leadership, the American people are voting with their feet. We have had enough! We are voting Republican! It easy to see in the graphs below, voter turnout for Democrats is down and voter turnout for Republicans is up.

On March 26, the state of Washington voted for the Democratic nominee for President. Bernie Sanders won 72.9% of the vote1. This would be shocking if the numbers had been high. In fact, the total Democratic turnout was 26,299. In comparison, in the 2008 primary season, over a half a million Washingtonians voted in the Democrat caucus2. Those who assert that the Republican

1 Chozick, Amy. Bernie Sanders Seizes 3 States, Sweeping Democratic Contests. The New York Times. Saturday, March 26, 3016. (Accessed 3/27/2016).

2 N.A. Washington Nominating Contest Results. New York Times. (Accessed 3/27/2106).

Party is on the brink of demise only do so because they wish it so. It is simply not true. We have the right message. We have the right values. The failures of the Democrats’ policies of “symbolism over substance” has been revealed and our message is being heard! I look forward to seeing a Republican in the White House in 2017 and to seeing Northern Virginia lean Republican!

As we turn our attention to selecting our party leaders over then next few months, please be sure to mark your calendars for the VFRW Convention April 22-24 and the 11th District Convention on May 14. Also, please join me in congratulating Matt Ames on his reelection as Fairfax County Republican Chairman. Similarly, also join me in congratulating Dottie Miller on her election as chair of the Prince William County Repubican Committee. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for your willingness to serve the your fellow Republicans in our area over the next two years.

Finally, it is with delight that I invite each of you to join the George Mason Republican Women as we honor our very own Linda Bartlett on Friday, April 15, at 6:30 PM at the Army Navy Country Club* in Fairfax for her leadership as President of the Virginia Federation of Republican Women (VFRW). As President of VFRW, Linda has worked tirelessly to increase membership and participation in Republican politics, to modernize the federation, to make the party relevant to millenials, to elect solid Replican leaders, and much, much more! Please join us as we celebrate her accomplishments and honor her for her hard work, dedication, and vision.


Melissa Beaudoin,


George Mason Republican Women

* Cost: $25 per person

GMRW Membership Brunch

by Patricia Martell Membership Chair

The George Mason Republican Women had a Membership Brunch on March 11, 2016 at the home of Trish Martell in Fairfax Station. Guests were Elizabeth Schultz, Jeanette Hough, Melissa Fwu and Matt Ames. There were twenty five attendees and the club welcomed two new members.

Matt Ames is the Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. Melissa Fwu is Deputy State Director of NOVA for the Republican Party of Virginia. Elizabeth Schultz is the Springfield District’s Fairfax School Board Representative and Jeanette Hough is a Member at Large on the Fairfax School Board.

Lola Lecraw and Mikki Terry ran fund raiser events. Lola offered used books for sale donated by our members. Mikki offered jewelry and other boutique items for sale to raise funds.

The event provided a friendly, casual atmosphere where members were able to talk about their support of future efforts of the club. This camaraderie is illustrated by the pictures showed below.

From left to right are Rosemary Espinosa, Nancy Rogers, Mercedes Pfeffer, Carolyn Dietrich, Linda Bartlett and Mikki Terry

From left to right are Melissa Fwu, Jeanette Hough, Geraldine Davie and Elizabeth Schultz

Matt Ames Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee

From left around the table are Nancy Rogers, Pam Heminger, Mikki Terry, Jean Barnes, Melissa Fwu and Linda Bartlett

Fundraising: Book Sale by Lynne Blankenship

Now that Spring is officially in the air,  we often find ourselves in that "spring cleaning" mode and inspired to declutter our homes.  This is a great time to clear out some of those magazines and old (or new) books that are collecting dust on our bookshelves at home. Thanks to the efforts of Lola LeCraw our members can bring books to any meeting (NOT held at the library) to sell to other members at very low prices! Any money collected is then put in the club's "pot" as part of our fundraising activities. 

The first "book sale" took place at our March 11th brunch meeting at Trish Martell's home.  All in all, we collected approximately $25 for the club. Any books that did not sell were donated to the Annandale Library. We will send out a reminder before the next meeting that will be held "off-site" from the library, with the exception of our upcoming April 15th meeting. Due to the celebratory theme of this special meeting, we will forgo any fundraising efforts that evening.

GMRW Members at the 11TH District Convention

FAIRFAX COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE CONVENTION on March 12 at the the Waterford in Springfield.It was at this convention that we elected Matt Ames as Chairman.
GMRW Members at the FCRC Convention: Mary Bell,Trish Martell,Geraldine Davie,Rosemary Espinosa,Nancy Krakover,Ann Collins, Lola LeCraw and Melissa Beaudoin.
Memorial Day Events
By Lynn Blankenship

SAVE THE DATES: Here’s a great way to honor and support the troops just in time for Memorial Day! This May marks the 10th anniversary of the GI Film Festival celebrating military filmmaking. GIFF-X presents several different award winning events from May 21-29 in the DC and Northern Virginia area (to include the Angelika movie theater in the Mosaic District in Merrifield!).  

Even sooner is the National Cinematic Salute to the Troops coming to a theater near you on APRIL 7th. Tickets and information can be found  at:
Here is a brief overview of the exciting events at the festival:
Actor and  American patriot,  Gary Sinise is the founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation and an avid supporter of our military. The festival begins with a kick-off concert by Gary and his Lt. Dan Band on Saturday, May 21 at the Howard Theater in DC.

Almost There?  Think About it!
By Ann M. Collins
Chair, Constitution Committee

The term "New World Order" is defined by Wikipedia as a conspiracy theory led by a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government---which will replace sovereign national-states---and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails its establishment as the culmination of history's progress. 
Socialism—defined as a centrally planned economy in which the government has a vast interest in the means of production. Total control is communism, having a governmental "interest" (controlling some or parts of a state's economic engine) is socialism, having no governmental control at all is capitalism.  Eight levels of control must be obtained to create a socialist State.  Let's look at each control issue and what is happening in the United States today.

1.  Healthcare:  "Control Healthcare and you control the people.” 

2.  Poverty:  “Increase the Poverty level as high as possible."  Poor People are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live. 


3.  Debt:  “Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level."  That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty. 


4.  Gun Control:  “Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government."  That way you are able to create a Police State - total local control. 


5.  Welfare:  “Take control of every aspect of their lives" (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income). 


6.  Education:  “Take control of what People read/listen to and take control of what Children learn in School.” 


7.  Religion: “Remove faith in God from the Government and School.” 


8.  Class Warfare:  “Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor.  Racially divide."  This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting Poor. 


The controls, above, are similar to those of Saul Alinsky, who died about 44 years ago, but his writings are still influencing many in political control of our nation today. This is scary!  It appears 5 control issues are DONE and 3 are ALMOST THERE.   Although the U. S appears to be ripe for the New World Order, hopefully, the 2016 general election will change the direction of this situation.   Our Constitution must prevail!

"...a constitution, intended to endure for ages to come, and consequently, to be adapted to the various crises of human affairs."      (John Marshall)



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