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GMRW Membership Committee Report

By Patricia Martell

The GMRW Membership Committee is running a competition among our membership. The member that brings in the most new members during 2016 will be given a prize. There will be a mid-year and an end of the year recognition. If there is a tie, we will have a lottery at our meeting to award the prize. The end year total will be for the whole year while the mid-year is the total for 6 months. The prize which is pictured here is to be given in June. 

Stop The Meals Tax

This November, Fairfax voters will vote on a 10% tax on all prepared meals sold in the County. FCRC opposes this tax that hurts low and middle income families

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Important Dates for Upcoming November 8th General & Special Elections

Voter Photo ID Requirements - Effective July 1, 2014
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Hernick is a local economist and environmental consultant who Republicans chose to challenge Rep. Don Beyer (D) for Virginia's 8th District Congressional seat this fall. Hernick said that Beyer "is not in touch with what people are focused on."

For more information about Charles Hernick go to

Picture and article by Mary Tanzer

Mason Farmers Market Picked Up by ARD German Radio & TV

On Thursday, September 22,2016 ARD German Radio & TV correspondent, Jan Boesche, stopped by the Democrat and Republican tables at Mason Farmers Market.  He interviewed both sides with many questions. When he came to the Republican table he asked, “Why are you here.”  Mary Tanzer responded, “We’re here to support Donald Trump!”  He noticed our signs and asked which of “Hillary’s Accomplishments” was the most significant.  Mary thought that Evading FBI Prosecution was the greatest because it covered several other “accomplishments” as well, such as deleting 33,000 emails.  Ledia Bernal told Correspondent Boesch that she has been supporting Farmers Market for four years and has never seen a response like this year.  Lydia said, “This is truly a movement!”  Boesche said, “The piece aired on many stations of our network all over Germany. You'll find it online: [in the German language].” 


If you want to help out at one of the Farmers Market, contact coordinator Lola LeCraw at [email protected].

Dear GMRW family,

In a few days from now, our nation will choose our next President. This unique election season has given many of our fellow Republicans pause. This is not out of apathy or indifference. Rather, it is because we care, deeply, about our great nation. We want to make the best and wisest decision as to who will lead our nation and guide the direction that our country will be taking over the next few years. If you, your family, or your friends find that you remain a member of the “Republican undecided”, this edition of the GMRW newsletter is for you. In this newsletter, several of our fellow Republicans share their reasons why they are voting for Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and the Republican ticket. Here is the primary reason why I am voting for Donald Trump:

Democratically structured governments are fragile systems. This is because they are based on legitimacy - the consent of the governed. For a people to willingly agree to be governed by a democratic regime, they must feel that the laws are fair to all and that they are just. Otherwise, they will reject the law as arbitrary and biased and the probability that the system will unravel increases. Over the past eight years, and during this election cycle in particular, I have grown more and more ill-at- ease with an increasingly overt disregard for the rule of law by this administration and its candidates.

Our nation has watched with horror as racially-motivated violence has increased and our brave police officers have become targeted scapegoats. Where have you been, Mr. President? You are in a unique position in history to heal these specific societal wounds. Why did you not condemn the violence and assure the American people that you will strive to assure that due process of law and equal protection under the law applies to all Americans? Rather, you have exacerbated the problem by excusing the violence. Sadly, this does not even touch this administration, or the Democrat candidate’s, policies regarding illegal immigration.

The presidential candidate for the Democrat Party and her entourage colluded to shut-out Bernie Sanders, used unsecure technology while functioning as an official representative of our government, engaged in “pay to play” tactics with international actors, hired people to riot at Republican events, and those most intimate to her met with officials from the Department of Justice while her case was still under investigation. This is evidence that Hillary Clinton and those connected to her have no respect for the rule of law and that there is a double standard
– those for the Clintons and those for the rest of us. This flagrant disrespect for our nation’s laws directly undermines the stability of a system that has endured and even thrived for over two centuries.

Though I have had my own reservations concerning candidate Trump over the past months, when he said that he is the candidate of law and order, he communicated that he recognizes the precarious position our nation is in and that he is going to take action to ensure that the law is applied equally to every American. He is going to restore the foundation that America was built on and what made her great, respect for the rule of law. This is why I have already cast my vote for Donald Trump.

Melissa Beaudoin, President
George Mason Republican Women

Why We Are Voting For Trump

America’s Future???
Where your husband is on a flight out of Boston on 9/11 and you wonder if you are a widow.
When you go shopping on 9/13/01 and the only sound in the store is a guy on his cell phone saying, “These Americans, they learn very quickly”.
Where you chat with other mothers about the local terrorist safe-house.
Where 15-17 FBI cars block your neighborhood streets investigating terrorist activities.
Where van drivers are arrested for “casing the joint” at your husband’s work.
Where you take your daughter to lessons at Benjamin Tasker Middle School, where a boy was shot by the Al Qaeda loving “Beltway Snipers”.
Where your talkative seatmate flying to Seattle discusses a funeral the next day for his teenage cousin who was gunned down in Macy’s while she was buying makeup. Where one political party puts terrorists in Gitmo and the other political party releases them and also imports “refugees”.
Where your family has lost their sense of security because of these personal brushes with terrorism over the past fifteen years.
When you choose to vote with the foresight of Winston Churchill and not the denial of Neville Chamberlain, as I will.

Bonnie Burkhardt, President
Republican Women of Clifton
I just finished a survey from the National Park Service, the point of which is to ask for donations.  The last question pertained to the backlog of needed improvements and the fact that the current budget of $11+Billion is inadequate.  Do I think the budget should be changed and would I donate? To both I marked "No". Given the current situation that Barack Obama and cohorts have created for all of us, and the very possibility that a known criminal and her thugs may take over, the future of my children and grandchildren could be at grave risk. The only way to abate the fears of millions for the future of this nation is to elect someone who understands the situation, who is talking about reversing the downfall that America is experiencing, and has spent a lifetime creating projects, assessing situation and finding solutions.  I do not want my family to be sacrificed so that the Clintons can add to their "foundation" and wealth.  If nothing else, in the end we will know those who value good governance those who are so tied to their "status quo" mentality that they are willing to sacrifice their own future just to be able to tell themselves they are "right".

Linda Bartlett, Immediate Past President
Virginia Federation of Republican Women

I am voting for Donald Trump because I believe he will do what he says he will do! I am the widow of a 30 year career soldier, and I believe Mr. Trump will make the military relevant again! Our military force has been severely decimated by the current President and his administration to the point that I am extremely concerned that if this country was challenged or attacked, the Military would not be able to protect you and me! Mr. Trump will build up the Military, will then provide good, reliable medical care for veterans. Vets no longer will die waiting for healthcare at the VA! I believe Donald Trump will do what he promises to do! I cannot say that for the opposition candidate!

Bobbi Green, District 11 Representative
Virginia Federation of Republican Women

To say we live in perilous times seems to trivialize the dangers of the current political situation that we are now confronting in our nation.  The sacrifices of our colonial forefathers who risked everything to establish our independence and institute a constitutional government could be rendered null and void if we do not win this 2016 Presidential Election!  The work and toil of our immigrant ancestors who came from every corner of the globe to work and build a great economy could be for nothing.  Are these possibilities acceptable to us, the children and grandchildren of the sufferers of the Great Depression, the survivors of Pearl Harbor and the beaches of Normandy?  NO! The recent email revelations of religious bigotry by Clinton and her cronies are very disturbing. The Pilgrims did not come here for a picnic at the end of a cruise…they came for religious
freedom. We are the nation of refuge for those who suffer religious and political persecution throughout the world. Will Clinton resort to Executive Order to limit your right to bear arms? Right to free assembly?  Right to free speech? Ring your individual Liberty Bell.  Call your friends, relatives, business associates etc.  Urge them to support the Republican ticket.

Ellen Nau, President
Virginia Federation of Republican Women

Are you safer today than you were eight years ago? Have Obama’s security policies, that Hillary Clinton helped to architect and implement increased American national security? Under the Obama Administration, the U.S. entered into to a nuclear agreement with a state that has openly rejected the right of Israel to exists and sought to embarrass our military, and by extension our nation, Iran. North Korea, a state that has been openly hostile to the U.S. and its policies, has continued its testing of nuclear warheads with little to no repercussions. Because the Obama administration pulled out of Iraq before it had stabilized, we now face a new international terrorist
threat, ISIL. The Obama administration has all but emptied Guantanamo Bay. As of March, 2016, over thirty percent of released Guantanamo inmates have either been suspected of or have been confirmed of returning to terrorism. Since the time of this report, other inmates that were released to foreign governments and have “disappeared”. Where are they? Recently, we have learned that candidate Clinton dreams of open borders.
There are three necessary components for a state in the international system: a population, a government, and definable borders. Candidate Clinton does not value our borders or our national security. The best way to protect our nation is to elect Donald Trump.

Melissa Beaudoin, President
George Mason Republican Women

If Hillary wins, the Supreme Court will be more leftist for years to come; Obamacare will live on at even higher rates; taxes will be raised and the debt increased; energy development will stop; entitlements will expand; unemployment figures will top 100 million and, perhaps, most importantly, our borders will be open to tens of thousands who will repay Hillary by registering as Democrats bringing disastrous corruption.  If she wins, do you really think Republicans can win in four years???  If you vote for Trump and do not agree with what he does, vote him out in four years. Congress will watch Trump, but allow Clinton to pass more presidential edicts as they did with Obama.  Hillary wins-- America, as we know and love it, will be changed forever to a third
world "promise and not deliver country". Is this the legacy you want to leave for your children and grandchildren???  Please don't sit this one out--we need every Republican vote to avoid losing our freedom.

Lola LeCraw, Chair
Fairfax County Republican Farmers’ Markets Outreach

Eight years of President Obama have damaged our nation's economy, military responsiveness, national security, law enforcement community,healthcare and social issues such as race and religion. Hillary Clinton will simply be four more years of Obama's politics and belief that they are above the law, rules and regulations, and better than the rest of this great nation. I fear that we might be too close to the abyss to survive four more years of the unlawful, dishonest and unworkable policies of the progressive left. Donald Trump may not be my first choice, but he is certainly the candidate that best represents my conservative values.  I'm voting for American values, and that's why I voting for Donald Trump for President.

Violeta Warner
GMRW Member
 We are most certainly a working Republican Club. Very impressive!!!

GMRW members are working to ensure a Republican VICTORY on Election Day.  They are door knocking, handing out sample ballots at early voting, training for Election Officer/Poll watcher, and organizing Precincts.

Mary Williams, Carol Frey, Mary Bell, Nancy Krakover, Pam Heminger, Carole Denner, Caroline Herrick, Geraldine Davie, Melissa Beaudoin, Lola Lecraw, Mary Tanzer, Linda Bartlett, and Therese Antonio.
Gerry Gunn (legal team at RPV Command Ctr.)
Bobbi Green (election officer tag - phone banking, Gov't Ctr. Absentee Poll)
Trish Martell (new Precinct Captain)
Lola LeCraw, Beverly Cavataio, Ledia Bernal, Lynne Blankenship (all manned the Annandale Farmer's Market for months)
Kim Battaglia (local issue Political activist)
Brenda Brenner (election day at Mantua #707)
Kitty Boehs (Burke Precinct Capt, FCRC Receptionist)
Anita Edwards, Maura Lee (election day at W.Springfield) 
Janie Lawlor-Savitske (early voting volunteer-Springfield; Election Officer)
Violeta Warner (CAP Election Officer - night shift)

I'm sure there are many more members working behind the scene so please let me know so I can add your name to the list.

Geraldine Davie
1st Vice President

GMRW November Meeting


(by Mary Tanzer, GMRW member and Farmers Market volunteer)

“America’s Future Supports Trump” joins Reasons to Vote for Trump and Hillary’s Accomplishments, posters at Mason’s Farmers Market, to draw attention to our presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and other Republican candidates.  Mary Tanzer’s 8-year old granddaughter, Rachael, holds the sign “Make America Great Again” to show her confidence in Trump’s victory on November 8th.   Young and inexperienced persons often can be remarkably wise, as the saying goes…., “Out of the mouths of babes… .” Let’s do all we can to get out the vote and ensure a victory for our Republican candidates.





For more information visit

Chris Grose, 11 th Congressional District Republican write-in candidate with his wife, Jacquline

Chris Grose recently launched his write-in campaign challenging 11 th Congressional District
democrat incumbent Gerry Connolly. Avid supporters of our constitution and conservatism,
Chris and his wife, Jacquline, were inspired to launch his campaign when they realized that no
Republican candidate would be on the ballot to oppose Gerry Connolly. Against all odds, they
launched his Write-In candidacy so that conservative Republicans could vote for a conservative

Since the decision to run a write-in campaign, Chris and Jacquline have actively engaged the
community, attending many events such as Farmers’ Markets and the October 6 th Attorney
General debate where they handed out many materials providing information about Chris.

They have cards and yard signs available, and plan a Neighborhood Knock-Out on October 29th
and 30th.

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